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Top DAwg


The Handle

Our ergonomic handle is padded & reinforced for strength and comfort. It was designed to be used in two positions -- hand grip or around your wrist.


The Small Carabiner

We added a second carabiner for quick tethering while on the go. It can also hold used poop bags (nobody wants to carry those!) or attach to your belt loop for hands-free walking. 


The Sliding o-ring

The sliding o-ring makes tethering easy when paired with the small carabiner, and the leash does double-duty as a collarless lead when the larger carabiner is clipped to the o-ring.


The cord

Our 1000 lb. strength climbing cord is tough enough for even the biggest dogs, and it's reflective for visibility and safety. 6' length.


The Large Carabiner

Our larger carabiner is self-locking so your dawg stays safe and secure, and it swivels so your dawg never gets twisted!



Poop bags included!

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Questions? Contact us!  We'd love to hear from you. 


The Story of

Top Dawg

Meet Roxy, the original top dawg!

We created Top Dawg because we were disappointed with the leashes in the market.

We love our dog Roxy and wanted to bring her on all our adventures, but it was never easy to securely tether her outside our favorite parks, and carrying poop can be awkward, annoying and just plain gross.

We worked with our dad to come up with a concept for a leash that did it all!   First on the list was a convenient hands-free way to carry poop bags-- both empty and full! Next, we needed a way to clip the leash to your belt loop or around your waist.  And for those especially clever dogs, we needed a locking carabiner for safety, and a swivel to keep the leash from getting twisted.  We wanted a quick and secure clip for easy tethering paired with a climbing cord for strength.  The leash also had to be reflective for visibility on night walks, of course! Finish it off with an ergonomic handle that can be used in two positions and you have a leash fit for a Top Dawg!

We think it’s the best leash on the market (and so does our dog Roxy), but we want you to decide!  Try it risk-free to see if you like it.  If not, we’ll take it back as long as you offer feedback to improve the product and make it better.

Questions? We’re here for you and look forward to becoming a part of our Top Dawg family.

- Jake & Dylan Davis


So Why Choose

Top Dawg?

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Contact Us

Questions about Top Dawg? Please send us a message using the form or email us at the address below. We look forward to hearing from you and your Top Dawg!

Email: info@topdawgusa.com
Phone: (303) 257-9755

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